Quilt Design lets you create foundation paper-pieced quilts on your Androidâ„¢ tablet.

You can find out more about foundation paper-piecing here:

Block Editor

The block designer ensures your block can always be created as a paper-pieced block.

Each block is built up as a series of fabric layers. You can edit each layer by dragging these controls:

Quilt Editor

Once you've created your blocks, you can assemble them together to see how your final quilt will look.  In the quilt editor:

  • select where you want to place a block, then
  • pick the desired block.

Once you've placed a block, you can flip and rotate it to form your design.

Sharing Your Designs

Use the Share and View buttons to save and share your designs with others.

To create a printable quilt pattern, choose a black and white PDF:

This option will create a pattern you can use to create your block:

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